Azadveer Singh

Azadveer Singh is the Vice-President of Roxburgh Park Broadmeadows Cricket Club. He started playing Competitive & Club Cricket in 2014. He slowly progressed through the grades and was able to play at the highest level of Sub-District in Australia. Cricket over the years has taught him a lot. He is well-developed in communication skills and is able to listen and pass on information.

Azadveer is a passionate individual who loves to bat day in and out. Getting an opportunity to be a vice-president at RPBCC is one of his greatest achievements. As much as cricket’s pleasure is, it has come with great responsibility for him too. As a genuine leader, you need to be consistent in applying them. Being part of that, you need to have the courage to hold true to them which he is fully capable of. He is a supportive leader for all the organization members.

Azadveer, through his position, loves to pass on all of his cricket knowledge and life lessons ahead for youngsters to approach this sport. Cricket has taught and gave him the passion to instruct our upcoming players, especially juniors. It gives him great satisfaction when he sees our dedicated players training with all the determination and then perform in the field. Success is no accident! It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. Big things often have small beginnings, but it requires consistency and hard work. RPBCC has got a great talented bunch of players, coach, and management. With that, anything is achievable if one puts its mind and hard work into it too.

“You must not lose sight of reality. Lost values may be one of the biggest causes of downfalls.”